La Capitale concludes a partnership with MedHelper to support its new disability claims management approach

December 18, 2019 – La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services has signed a partnership agreement with MedHelper Inc., a health technology company, to complete its integrated disability claims management process, which is based on a comprehensive approach to mental health.

The MedHelper app will be offered to certain disability claimants under a La Capitale group insurance plan to promote optimal medication compliance.

This simple tool enables users to plan their dosages, schedule reminders, keep track of their medication supply and know when to renew their prescription.

“The problem of non-adherence is, above all, a social issue. If left untreated, it can have an impact on the health of the general public. Over 52% of patients do not follow their treatment plan as prescribed. That results in costs of over $4.5 billion for employers. We are proud to offer a user-friendly, secure and confidential patient-centred digital health solution that will help La Capitale’s insureds lead a more active life and in better health,” said Frederic Simard, head of product and strategy at MedHelper.

La Capitale’s comprehensive approach to mental health

The continually rising costs associated with disability related to mental health pose a challenge for employers wishing to offer affordable, quality coverage to their employees. La Capitale’s comprehensive approach to mental health aims to promote a faster return to health and thus shorten disability periods.

This innovative integrated approach is part of La Capitale’s health and wellness continuum, which offers interventions that focus on individual participants and their specific needs.

About La Capitale

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About MedHelper

MedHelper Inc. is a Canadian health management technology company that develops and distributes healthcare and medication compliance solutions for insurers and workers compensation boards.