MedHelper Announces Major Partnership Agreement with PharmaChoice Canada

December 18, 2020 – Montreal, Quebec: MedHelper Inc. today announced it has signed on with PharmaChoice Canada as their provider for medication adherence technology. MedHelper is excited to partner with PharmaChoice Canada to provide their member pharmacy locations with the industry leading platform allowing pharmacists to provide clients with a mobile application to follow their medication regimen and other elements of their care plan and re-new prescriptions on-line and on-time.

“We are extremely excited to announce this important partnership with PharmaChoice Canada, a leading pharmacy banner in Canada.,” says Frederic Simard, Head of Product and Strategy. “MedHelper is leading the way in bringing a patient-centric platform to provide connected care with all the stakeholders that matters in one’s health journey.”

“PharmaChoice Canada is thrilled to partner with MedHelper,” says Cory Flaman, Director of Marketing. “Providing access to the MedHelper platform will help our patients remain adherent to their medications and their care plan. This partnership also allows users of the MedHelper app to find their nearest PharmaChoice location and refill their prescriptions by using our PharmaChoice Rx2GO online Rx refill platform which is integrated into the MedHelper app. MedHelper is a fantastic way we can contribute to helping our patients manage their ongoing health and provide them the best Advice for Life.”

This agreement will enable participating PharmaChoice Canada members the ability to offer their clients a $60/yr value by providing access to MedHelper Premium, a leading mobile application delivering a complete suite of features and functions that allow for the most complete way to follow and manage one’s medications and care plan. To learn more about the MedHelper & PharmaChoice Canada partnership and how to obtain a Program ID to access MedHelper Premium from PharmaChoice Canada visit

About MedHelper Inc.

Connected Care. MedHelper is the most comprehensive and user-friendly tool to help people manage their medications and their care plans. A powerful integrated patient engagement platform, MedHelper and MedHelper for Professionals provide a patient centric application and a secure platform to stay connected with those who matter.

About PharmaChoice Canada

Canada’s Fastest Growing Pharmacy. When you choose PharmaChoice, you are supporting locally owned businesses in your community. Each of our 800+ locations across Canada is unique and tailored to the community it serves. With the support of the PharmaChoice Canada team, our independent pharmacy owners and operators in your community are united in a promise to always provide you with the best Advice for Life. To learn more about PharmaChoice Canada visit