Pilot project: a mobile app to help group insurance plan members adhere to their treatment

December 13, 2019 – We all know it: staying physically and mentally healthy is priority number one. And in cases where medication is required, adherence to treatment is essential. Committed to making life easier for its group insurance plan members, iA Financial Group partnered with MedHelper to offer an app designed for medication compliance and treatment plan tracking.

We are pleased to announce that the pilot project is underway, which means that the application is now being offered to members who have been randomly selected from those taking medication on a regular basis.

Available on iOS and Android, MedHelper makes it easier to manage prescription drugs and gives plan members peace of mind. Its many key features include:

  • Daily reminders
  • Tracking of results and renewals
  • Medical appointment management
  • Creation of comprehensive treatment plans
  • Information resources offered by national chronic disease associations
  • And more

Additionally, iA Financial Group plan members will enjoy an expanded MedHelper offer:

  • Simplified app sign-in process with iA Financial Group identifiers
  • Possibility of automatically and effortlessly importing the list of medications based on the most recent claims
  • Complete, detailed information about the medications, including side effects

The MedHelper pilot project will allow us to analyze and measure plan member engagement and interest in adopting good habits when it comes to taking their prescription medication.