An Innovative Solution to Generate Real Health and Wellbeing Benefits for Employees

The MedHelper Program

Providing Support and Piece-of-Mind for Employees Affected by Health Conditions

It is an innovative digital health solution for employees combining clinical pharmacist services with a web-mobile digital platform. Complementary to existing employee health programs, it closes the loop around the entire care plan journey.

For EmployeesFor Employers

It begins with an in-depth consultation with a Clinical Pharmacist.

Employees meet virtually with a clinical pharmacist at their convenience and in complete confidentiality. Using the MedHelper platform they will pass through an in-depth review of their medications and establish goals to optimize their health.

Employees will leave the session with a better understanding of their health condition and medications.

After the consultation employees have access to a mobile application for support and engagement.

The MedHelper app is a portable record of the employee's medication and other care plan items. They will receive a summary of their goals and use the app to achieve them.

The app includes dashboards and reports for employees to keep track of their progress. They can quickly and securely share their results with the clinical pharmacist at their bi-annual follow-up appointment.

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Our Customers

One technology platform, many solutions.



Improve employee health and optimize drug spending. Offer your employees an industry leading Digital Platform for care plan execution paired with a Pharmacist Counselling Program.


Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Provide your members with a valuable solution as part of their employee health insurance benefits program to help improve employee health and optimize drug spending.




Digitize workflows with patients to create efficiencies and facilitate delivery of clinical services. Build relationships with your customers and provide them a powerful tool to manage their care plan.


About us

MedHelper is the leader in providing post-diagnostic support for people taking medications. The Montreal based healthcare technology start-up specializes in digitizing personalized care plans to make them more accessible. The solution encourages better care plan execution, builds stronger relationships and communication between individuals and their healthcare providers.