La Capitale launches a new disability claims management approach

November 25, 2019 – La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services is launching an integrated disability claims management process that is based on a comprehensive approach to mental health. Three innovative solutions have now been made available to insureds under a La Capitale group insurance plan, enabling them to optimize their treatment and improve their well-being.

The continually rising costs associated with disability related to mental health pose a challenge for employers wishing to offer affordable, quality coverage to their employees. La Capitale will use Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), pharmacogenetics and medication use optimization, to promote a faster return to health and thus shorten disability periods. This innovative approach to mental health stems from partnerships with firms specializing in healthcare.

“Knowing that psychological illnesses represent approximately 70% of disability benefit costs and that 70% of patients in Canada do not take their medication as instructed by their physician, we considered it necessary to offer complementary disability management services in a mental health context. Each of these services individually has a positive impact on recovery. We are confident that, when combined, they will have an even stronger impact,” said Mario Albert, Executive Vice-President of Group Insurance at La Capitale.

In partnership with MindBeacon Health, La Capitale offers online self-management to those with mental health issues. Eligible disability claimants also have access to a mental health therapist through a digital platform. The service, which uses the proven CBT approach to help reduce symptoms, is personalized and available 24/7, thus offering greater autonomy.

In partnership with BiogeniQ, La Capitale is offering optimization of the therapeutic approach through pharmacogenetics. Certain insureds who agree to be involved in the process will have an opportunity to undergo genetic testing that can predict their response to medication. The test results are confidential and are not shared with La Capitale. The information is sent only to the attending physician, allowing him or her to identify the preferred medications and optimize the treatment prescribed.

Lastly, in partnership with MedHelper, La Capitale is offering certain disability claimants a mobile app that promotes optimal medication compliance. This user-friendly tool will enable participants to plan their dosages, schedule reminders, keep track of their medication supply and know when to renew their prescription.

This innovative integrated approach is part of La Capitale’s health and wellness continuum, which offers interventions that focus on individual participants and their specific needs.

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