Get Started Guide

Welcome to MedHelper!

Getting started with your MedHelper account is quick and easy, just follow the steps below.

Need Help?

If at any time you are experiencing problems please Contact Us or call 1-909-377-4414 MON-FRI 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

Log In

Log in to the app using the Email and Temporary Password provided in the invite email.

The Email and Temporary Password are both case sensitive.

Update Your Password

Enter your new password.

Accept Notifications

Ensure you tap Allow to send Notifications.

This will allow the app to send reminders for your medications and custom activities.

Allow Critical Alerts

Ensure you tap Allow to send Critical Alerts.

This will enable the app to send persistent alarms. This option can be enabled for any medication or custom activity and allows you to set an alarm so you don't miss your event.

View the Welcome Tour

You can view the Welcome Tour to learn more about what the app has to offer, just tap Next.

You can skip the tour by tapping SKIP in the top right corner.

View Care Plan with Pending Items

The app will open on the Care Plan tab. If your professional sent items to your Care Plan you will see a Pending Items banner.

The number in red indicates the number of pending items waiting to be accepted.

Accept Pending Items

Tap on the Pending Items banner to open the Pending Items screen. A list of Pending Items will be displayed.

Tap on Accept to add all pending items to your Care Plan.

View Care Plan with Items

All accepted items will now be displayed in your Care Plan.

Proxim Blood Glucose Program

If you received the Proxim Blood Glucose Program from your professional you can tap on the card to view the program details.

  • Your notifications will automatically trigger on the program Start Date
  • A summary of the Reminders is displayed on the details page
  • You can tap on See Instructions to view a PDF with additional details
  • You can view all the events in the program by visiting the Schedule tab