Elevating Patient Engagement Through Mobile Technology

MedHelper provides Practice Management Systems with a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate a mobile application into the operations of their medical and dental clinics. This integration fosters enhanced engagement with patients directly from their PMS/EMR systems, empowering clinics to deliver superior care experiences.

Practices That Use a Mobile App Will Increase Productivity by 20 to 40%

Increased Efficiency
A mobile application can streamline various administrative tasks (such as scheduling, patient intake, and document sharing).

Automation of Routine Tasks
Many routine tasks can be automated through a mobile app, such as appointment reminders, follow-up surveys, and health tracking.

Increase Connectivity with Patients

Enhanced Communication
Mobile apps facilitate better communication between providers and patients through messaging, reminders, and notifications.

Elevates Patient Satisfaction
By delivering features that help patients on their journey (appointment booking, treatment plan instructions, tracking of health data, and more).

Leverage the Power of Patient Reported Data

Improved Accessibility
Providers can access patient reported data anytime and anywhere, improving the speed and quality of decision-making.

Data Management
Mobile apps can collect vast amount of data, which can be analyzed to gain insights into patient health, treatment effectiveness, and operational efficiencies.

Our Solution

  • A cloud platform (accessible from the PMS) designed to interact with the mobile application
  • A mobile application "shell" for patients
  • Off-the-shelf feature components that can be activated to create the desired mobile patient engagement experience
  • APIs for seamless integration; enabling patient engagement workflows originating from the PMS to execute through the mobile application.

MedHelper's Value versus In-House App Development

Low upfront cost: Utilize our proven cloud/mobility infrastructure with minimal upfront investment.

Rapid time-to-market: Deploy the MedHelper solution within weeks, elevating the value of your product for both clinics and patients alike.

Our Applications

One technology platform, many solutions.

Health Practitioners

Health Practitioners

A vertically integrated web-based software for professionals and a specialized mobile app for patient access and real-time interaction. A solution to optimize healthcare professional and patient interactions.




A digital health solution for employees combining clinical pharmacist services with a web-mobile digital platform to generate real health and wellbeing benefits for employees taking medications.


Group Benefits Insurers

Group Benefits Insurers

A solution to optimize drug spending and improve the health of members. It allows healthcare professionals or disability management specialists to offer members a solution for improved care plan monitoring.




The MedHelper app helps individuals manage and adhere to their care plan which can include medications, custom activities and measurements (migraine, mood, blood pressure). The app allows them to easily share their data with a healthcare professional.


Our Team

Terry Fitzpatrick - </br>Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Terry Fitzpatrick -
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned executive with Bank of Montreal with long held passion for healthcare and digital health innovations.

Frédéric Simard - </br>Co-founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Frédéric Simard -
Co-founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Former executive, TELUS Health; extensive experience in deployment of health technology solutions globally.

Meighen Fitzpatrick - </br>Chief Product and </br>Marketing

Meighen Fitzpatrick -
Chief Product and

Former leader in the development of technology products and digital marketing strategies at Future Electronics.

Luc Vilandré - </br>Strategic Advisor

Luc Vilandré -
Strategic Advisor

Former President, TELUS Health; long track record in investments, mergers & acquisitions in the MedTech Industry.

Julien Ponce - Board Member

Julien Ponce - Board Member

Former President, Consulting and Chief Commercial Officer for Eastern Canada, Morneau Shepell.

Manon Boisclair - Board Member

Manon Boisclair - Board Member

Chief Commercial Officer at Syantra, and former global executive of NASDQ BioPharma companies.

About MedHelper

MedHelper Inc., a digital health information technology company, was founded in 2019. The team brings deep expertise in healthcare technology, drawing from a wide spectrum of experiences across North America's healthcare sector, enriching the company with unparalleled insights and capabilities.

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